Corporate Wellness


 Rejuvenate your team with our pampering and luxurious treatments. They will return to work feeling invigorated and ready to tackle their next project. But most of all, they will thank you for it. Clients are fully clothed and seated in a specially designed massage chairs to receive neck, back, shoulder, arm, and hand massages.  


 Employee Incentive and Recognition Motivate your employees and/or reward them for their excellence. They will also appreciate the fact that you recognized their hard work. Let our luxurious spa services and our team of highly skilled licensed professionals be your way of saying "Thank you for a job well done!" 



  • Key benefits: Stress reduction and relief of muscle tension 
  • Decreased anxiety levels Increased morale and productivity 
  • Decreased burnout and absenteeism 


Corporate events in College Park is very easy to implement within a company. A POSH BEAUTY AND WELLNESS (Licensed) Massage Therapist is able to set-up a chair specifically designed for chair massage in a small conference room or common area for corporate events ideas within your office. This chair allows the employee, while clothed, to kneel and lean forward into a chest support pad and face cradle. This exposes the neck, back, arms and hands for massage.  Massage duration can vary between 5-30 minutes per person as to not disrupt the work day. Massage therapist will also provide relaxing music to enhance the renewing effect of the massage. Therapists are available on an as needed, monthly or weekly basis. 

 *Posh Beauty and Wellness Ctr traveling spa requires a three hour minimum allowing any size company to make corporate chair massage available to their employees*.  

Please call 301.477.3737 or email us at info@poshbeautyandwellness,com